After working on my painting of peach blossoms all afternoon we went back to Jinli Street in the Tibetan Quarter of Chengdu with some of the other nice young travellers at our hotel from Europe.  It is just a mere 15 minute walk over there from our location by the Tourist Bus Depot along the river.

When Kelsey was a little girl she dreamt of having a pet monkey.  On the way over to Jinli Street we encountered some Chinese men that had pet monkeys.  As you were walking by they toss the monkey on you.  At first we were delighted.  However notice the monkey is grabbing Kelsey's ring.   Either he is fascinated with the shiny stone or a professional thief.

Unfortunately the cuteness ended fairly quickly as the monkey started grabbing and pulling Kelsey's hair.  Notice him eyeing Kelsey's ring again?  His master was jumping up and down laughing saying "Monkey" or "Money"--or something.

Another fellow threw a monkey on my head as I was trying to take pictures and I was jumping and freaking as it grabbed my hair and jumped all over my head.  Luckily mine didn't stick its fingers up my nose like he did one of the other fellows who was walking with us.  I had had enough!  Now I get it.  They were saying "Money" and "Monkey"  and you have to pay them to get the obnoxious monkeys off your head!  I tossed him a few yuan and we high tailed it out of there.  Noone was able to get a picture of the monkey on my head as we were all too busy fending them off.

Margaret H
4/23/2011 03:44:41 am


I so enjoyed reading your blog! I'll read Kelsey's next. You two sound like you're having lots of great adventures. Judging the singing contest--what an experience.

We just got back from Bhutan last weekend. It was wonderful. We will have to trade travel stories when you get back. The blog is a great idea but I was too tired in Bhutan at the end of each day to even go on Facebook.

Spring is just starting here with cool temperatures at night still.
Hugs to both of you!

7/15/2012 04:41:59 pm

Good info bro

9/28/2012 11:02:15 am

THX for info


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