In the Chongqing China Rail station

Being in a strange city and meeting someone we knew would obviously be very unlikely, especially as we only know several out of 1.34 billion of the people in China. Even if you think of only the Chongqing area, with a population with only almost 40 million people (as much as Canada's entire population) it would still beat the odds to bump into a friend.

Well, amazingly we beat the odds! While I was standing in the train station waiting room I hear a familiar voice and there comes Tommy's granddaughter, LiPing, the lovely gal who has taken us to visit the Blue Roof gallery area with her husband who is also an artist and some sort of a commercial designer. What an incredible fluke!!

She was as sweet and gently friendly as ever. We were so happy to visit with her and to finally meet her husband. Gee I wish we had bought a lottery ticket!

7/11/2012 10:31:09 pm

will return quickly


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