We were here a few days ago but forgot to bring the camera. We actually just stumbled on this amazing spot the first time. So Kelsey and I asked our Chinese friend Sherry if she would like to go there with us to have dinner.

Kelsey McIntosh's Drawing of Night Lanterns
This gave us a chance to take our pictures and this time we would be there to see the night lights.  When we got home my daughter Kelsey who is doing her University of Victoria Faculty of Education Practicum in Chengdu did this beautiful drawing of the night lanterns in the alley.  She is a fine artist!  You can check out her interesting blog that is chronicalling her practicuum experiences in a Chengdu Chinese Elementary school at www.EducationPracticums.weebly.com.

Another tasty dinner with lots of great vegetables.

China's national flower the peony
As we walked out of the restaurant I saw this beautiful bouquet of fresh peonies which are the national flower of China.  Then we  wandered around the lovely streets we found a fantastic earring vendor. Many beautiful styles for only 10 yuan each and because we bought several pairs she further reduced the price to 8 yuan which is about $1.30 a pair.  She had so many unique styles I should have bought more. My family knows I am an earring fanatic!

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