It is actually already Wed. April 27th here in China because we are 15 hours ahead of British Columbia Pacific Daylight savings time.  I am  happy to report that the peach blossom painting I have been labouring over in acrylics this past week is finally done and I can move on to something new.  The work was inspired by my trip to the local countryside for the peach festival the second week I was here.  It is 18x24 inches large and done in acrylics on canvas.  The pink colours of the actual piece are a little warmer and richer.  I will be removing the canvas from the frame tomorrow so I can put on a new canvas and then I can start a new painting, hopefully en plein air in the People's Park.  However, I think that I will just enjoy it for the night.  Hope the Canucks won the hockey game!

4/27/2011 04:25:21 pm

Hi Angie: just took a look at your travel blog. Looks like you and Kelsey are having a wonderful time. People seem really friendly (except the monkeys). No shortage of neat things to see and do. Have a wondeful time. Say hello to Kelsey. Glen

5/30/2012 08:48:37 am

Great info, thx

7/12/2012 12:48:08 am

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