In September 2010 hubby Rob and I visited Hongcun Village, an ancient town near the Huashan or Yellow mountains of China, designated World Heritage site in 2000.  There were many art students painting around this lovely village.  This winter I even painted a lotus blossom from the pond there  in watercolour.  What amazed me though was the fabulous black canvas painting bags many of the artists carried. 

Plein Air Painters BackPack Bag
They have room to stow water containers, folding stool, easel, canvas and painting materials.  They have straps for carrying the bag on your back.  They looked great for plein air artists and I have never seen these bags anywhere in Canada.  We tried to find one in the village but there was no proper art supply store there.  I have been google searching for a similar bag for the last six months to no avail. 

The bag has backpack straps
Lucky for me, my dear Chengdu friend Prof. Tommy Wu searched the Chinese websites (apparently everyone in China purchases stuff online--even clothing).  He found a similar light weight bag and ordered it for me.   Tommy presented me with my plein air painting bag when we visited him on Sunday.  On Monday I tested it and to my delight it fits up to an 18"x24" canvas and that is the largest size that I have brought on this trip and a pretty large nice size to do en plein air!  Can't wait to get out and use it!  Thank you Tommy!

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