I decided to be brave and venture out to paint without Kelsey's company. Usually it is nice to have another partner in crime because in China there are so many people and invariably when you are out painting people congregate. We find it a little unnerving to be under so much public scrutiny. People at home tend to be alot more inhibited about disturbing artists at work.  I guess here in China people are used to very little personal space and think nothing of privacy because they are used to living in such crowded quarters--which I must admit has its advantages.  There is always someone around who would like to play a game of mahjong or sit with you and drink a cup of tea!

Nanjing Bridge Chengdu China
We also attract attention in this area as there are so few foreigners and I have light coloured hair (mostly fake these days) and people are amazed at Kelsey's blue eyes.

So I ventured to the east of our hotel along the river. I found a spot that had very little foot traffic behind some of those blue construction barriers. I figured I would be able to hid back there and I could get a view of the Nanjing Bridge over the river that has the Marco Polo Restaurant and is lit up so beautifully at night. I set to work and wouldn't you know it--construction barrier and all I still got found. A couple of groups of guys came over while I was working and continued to try to converse with me even though it was totally clear I couldn't speak or understand Chinese. Unfortunately they also had to touch my stuff, fiddle with my camera, and they were all constantly smoking and I had to gesture to get them to finally back off when I couldn't stand the fumes. After what seemed like some curious comments--not sure if they liked what I was doing and a few thumbs up of approval, it was threatening a wind and rain storm. I was also working on a wicked sore throat and headache and decided I'd better get home before their was a downpour and I caught pneumonia

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