Sherry, one of our lovely Chinese friends had bought us tickets to attend the amazing broadway musical style stage production of JinSha. It is based on the historical excavations near

Chengdu where they have found a human settlement from 3,000 years ago. When the show started I said to Kelsey well I guess we won't be able to take pictures of this one just as a sign went up and said No Cameras--but then I saw it continued--No Cameras With Flashes.  Wow--only in China.  We can take photos of the show!

Battle Scene
At a local Chengdu archeological dig they found a gold mask and some sort of fire and pheonix symbols and so this major production was
put together and has been presented at the Chengdu museum site in a lovely theatre built 2 years ago.

Drama behind a waterfall screen
It is a powerful love story filled with battles, lights, falling flower petals, waterscreens, and flower fairies, lights, acrobats, face changers, and flame breathers. It was an exciting show and anyone visiting Chengdu shouldn't miss it.

Tickets are around $30 each but well worth it--the same on Broadway in New York would be well over $150 and it is so unique in that it attempts to explore local history in a fantastical way!

Daughter Kelsy was inspired to paint the battlescene in acrylics.

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