Happy Easter Canada!  While we didn't have any chocolate bunnies or eggs, today we were invited to Tommy and Tina's place to make   jiaozi, Chinese dumpllings. We hope that everyone had as wonderful a day with friends or family as we did. Wish you could be here with us Rob and Kieran!

Tommy and Family invite us over for Dinner
Dumpling making is a very special social event, one which is filled with conversation and friendship while creating a meal  together. 

Family Gather to Make Jiaozi
Tommy's cousin's granddaughter LiPing and her daughter LaoLao came to join us in making the jiaozi.  Then Tina whipped up a wonderful vegetarian banquet of Chinese dishes for supper.  There was a special long skinny green vegetable  with some tiny seasoned rice pancakes, seasoned noodles, a rolled tofu skin and beans dish, savoury rice porridge filled with veggies and goji berries, green edible pod peas, fried jiaozi, and spicy pickles.  When we expressed our amazement at how quickly Tina had prepared such a feast he told us that years ago when she was sent to the countryside to work with the peasants for 6 years she spent 1 year as a cook, feeding 70 hungry labourers. They must have eaten awfully well if it was anything like this.  Tiny said that cooking was so much easier than labouring in the fields.  Today still 70% of the population earns their living labouring in the fields.

We are so lucky on the location of Tommy's home.  We hop on bus 504, quite near our hotel and stay on and ride south, all the way to the bus terminus which is right at the front gate of Tommy's complex.  We were able to catch the last bus  almost right home to the Traffic Inn Hostel at around 7:30 pm--no changes or transfers needed.

Kelsey McIntosh
4/25/2011 11:25:01 pm

Yum Yum Yum!

We need to start making Jiaozi back home, and we need to have friends over to help us! What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon - talking with friends while making a delicious meal at the same time! We are so lucky to have learned how to make such a delicious treat!

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is soon

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good post


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