We were so fortunate to have Mr. Song at our disposal. He drove us out to the South Hotspring Chongqing so we could paint. We were looking for a scene of a local waterfall that I had
seen in photos on the internet. Alas we found the waterfall site but there was no water. They seem to be in a draught and the spring above was dry. There was also a pagoda
with a waterfall that I had seen and was hoping to paint.

Mr.Song did find the pagoda for us at a resort at the Hotspring but again the waterfall was dry. I did improvise and used some
artistic liscence and painted in the water. We enjoyed a lovely morning painting especially thanks to the portable picnic table and umbrella that Mr. Song brought along and set up for us.  Here is the completed watercolour--I used artistic liscence and added the water.

After another wonderful Chinese banquet at the resort we headed back to the city.

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