The plan for tonight would be a cruise on the Yangtze River after we have dinner. 
Night lights on the Yangtze
We were so fortunate that our hotel, the Somerset Jiefangbei was in the best central location right downtown.  After we arrived and got checked in we went out for lunch in a mall under the street right by our hotel.

Luckily the restaurant was airconditioned.  We had all worked up an appetite and ordered a fairly extensive lunch with fruit smoothies like bubble tea and we even thought we should each have a bowl of soup--almost everyone has soup with all of their meals here.  Normally you get a small single serving size and the gal did comment that we ordered a fair amount of food--she neglected to tell us that we had ordered 4 table size bowls of soup, one for each of us.  Oh dear!

Kelsey and Angie at Huangya Cave China
We were able to walk out in the late afternoon and were just a block from the Huangya Cave and it's local crafts shops and restaurants

After a visit Haungya we met up with Tina's cousin Mr.Song and his daughter ZhaZha. He had kindly agreed to show us around while we were there. What a kind fellow and wow, talk about Chinese hospitality!
He picked us up in his airconditioned Mercedes (very nice in this heat) and then drove us to the classiest vegan restaurant we have ever eaten in. The decor had a very sophisticated environmental theme using many natural material elements such as wood and stone. The food was delicious and so beautifully presented using many organic materials for decoration, such as leaves, rocks as chopstick rests and many flowers decorating our food plates. What a pleasant meal. At dinner we found out that Mr. Song had in his life been a musician in a traditional Chinese orchestra and played the erhu, my favorite two stringed instrument. He had also written a major musical production about a buddhist story featuring animals--perhaps this is why he is so knowledgeable about the local vegan restaurant! A very multifaceted talented person.

As if we haven't seen and done enough today we were whisked off (however at a very modest and safe speed--Mr.Song is the only driver we met who actually drives slowly and

carefully, allowing other cars to merge and waiting on pedestrians) after dinner to the shores of the Yangtze River for an evening cruise to see the night lights of Chongqing. It was wonderful and we got so many incredible pictures. The skyline and shore were covered with the most amazing selection of changing lights that ranged from some very very long tailed lit-up kites,

Mr.Song, Kelsey, and Angie on Yangtze River
and riverside changing light displays, moving lights covering entire sides of buildings, movies showing on the side of 50 or more storey buildings and on  the massive Performing Arts Centre next to the amazing Blue Globe of the Museum of Science and technology.

We enjoyed a drink of our favourite medicinal herbal iced tea Wang Lao Ji and had a wonderful night! Thank you Mr. Song!

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