I saw great little sets of Windsor Newton oil paints manufactured in China and decided to try my hand at them after I purchased my own set for 18 yuan ($3). I wanted to
enjoy the soft blending and transitions that cannot be achieved using acrylics. After I got the paint I went to get some liquid dishsoap and some vegetable oil that I could use instead of toxic solvents. I painted a 12x16 underpainting of the little shop interior that I saw in one of the Unesco World Heritage designated villages near the Huangshan
Mountains last September. I was pleased with the paint texture and workability.

However I have one problem. Oils dry very slowly at the best of time but because I thinned my paint with oil instead of turpentine it is going to take even longer for the paint to dry because turpentine can evaporate while the oil has to oxidize. I guess I won't get to finish this one in China and am hoping that the oil paint will dry out enough that that I can roll up the canvas when I leave to travel on May 22nd.

5/30/2012 08:16:10 pm

you will be accurate on those post


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