Can't believe it is the last day of Kelsey's teaching practicum at the Lonjiang Middle Road Elementary School in Chengdu China.  She has had a wonderful experience working in the classroom of all of the 1200 students.  She has had the most fantastic teacher mentors who have modelled fantastic classroom teaching styles.  Kelsey started off as quite a shy newby.  Today I was lucky enough to be allowed to observe her last classes and I was so amazed at what a dynamic, enthusiastic, outgoing teacher she has become.  She has managed to develop exciting lesson plans that are thoroughly enjoyed by the students.  She has found ways to engage the children and I can see how much they adore her!  What a perfect experience to the start of her teaching life that she has gotten here in China. While Kelsey is sad that her time with the students is over, she is also kind of excited to be on the start of her summer break!  Congratulations Kelsey and thank you to Luis, head of the english language department and teacher mentors Luis and Casey!  I am so lucky that Kelsey allowed me to accompany her during her time here--what a perfect excuse to have the past 6 weeks to paint!

9/24/2012 10:44:21 pm

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