Bronze Casting in the beautiful granite floor of the outdoor pedestrian mall at Spring Brook Road.
More on Shoes:  Shoes and travelling are quite an issue.  I do rather like nice shoes but when you are travelling you have to have sensible shoes so you can walk for miles.  If it is warm as it is here in the summer you also have to have sensible sandals to stay cool. If it rains you have to have waterproof shoes.  However, if you wish to dress up and go out you need some nice shoes.  How can you possibly pack enough shoes to cover all bases?  The women of Chengdu do dress up, just as they do in Beijing and Shanghai.  As a matter of fact, Kelsey and I have at times felt downright dowdy in our sensible shoes and comfortable "hiking" style clothing when everyone walks by, even with the dangerous pavers on the streets and sidewalks, wearing beautiful dresses or stylish pants and frilly tops and fabulous high heeled shoes or boots.  YES, I said high heels and many women go by wearing very stylish boots of all hights, designs and colours. On Sunday night we finally addressed our lack of fancy shoes when we were attending the Singing contest at Sichuan Normal University.  Sherry took us to a little shop right by our restaurant at the university gates and we found fantastic fancy shoes  for under $10.  Sherry bought a pair with silver jewell stars on the side and Kelsey and I got black shoes with fancy jewelled bows, Kelsey's were flats and mine had nice heels.
When we were down at the fancy "Spring Brook Road Mall" tonight with Luis's wife Nancy she took us inside the stores and we ended up looking at shoes--many were $150 US.  Very expensive.  I was wearing my newly acquired fancy jewelled black highheels that looked the same as the expensive ones and Nancy couldn't believe how little I paid for them.  When we went out and walked around the pedestrian mall area there were these beautiful bronze castings in the walkway.  I was delighted to see that this one had a picture of a woman trying on shoes!  Something that seems to have become a recurring theme in our days in China.  We'll be ready for the finals of the Chinese English Song Idol style competition on Saturday (we've been invited to attend the finals).  Kelsey and I will appear in style--we got new dresses and fancy shoes to wear.  We'll fit right in with the ladies in Chengdu!

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